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Google turned off call recording feature



Google turned off call recording feature


Google has turned off the call record feature on Android phones. Google will ban call recording apps from the Play Store on May 11. The popular caller identifier app Truecaller has also made such a decision. The company says the decision was made in accordance with the new rules of the Google Developer Program. Call recording will not be available on Truecaller due to Google's update.


Google has long opposed the call recording app and this service. They think that Android call recording violates users' privacy policy. As part of this, Google has also introduced a warning system, which notifies both parties before the recording starts.


Third-party apps can save data from those call recordings on their own servers, which can lead to security breaches. That's why Google has decided.


Google says the change only applies to third-party apps. However, if the device has an inbuilt call recording feature, it will work. But A-related third party apps cannot be downloaded and used from the Play Store.

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