Complaints against each other Barney Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

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Complaints against each other Barney Sanders and Elizabeth Warren


Democrats have held seven debates so far in the run-up to the upcoming US presidential election. But yesterday's debate between the party's six presidential nominees was quite interesting. Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been embroiled in a controversy over the state of Iowa. No woman candidate will be able to defeat President Donald Trump in the November election, a controversy erupted yesterday over a remark by Sanders.


At the end of such a discussion, the participants usually end the program by shaking hands with each other. After yesterday's heated debate, Warren and Sanders left the stage without shaking hands.


The controversy between the two most liberal presidential nominees has caught the attention of many viewers. Tensions between the two are growing over time.

Sanders has been accused of making remarks that no woman deserves to be President of the United States. That's what he told Warren in December 2018. However, Sanders has denied it. Sanders, meanwhile, denied the allegations when asked during the debate. On the contrary, for a long time she has been in favor of a woman president.

When it came to Warren's speech after Sanders, he presented his speech quite efficiently. In a nutshell, he knocked on the door with many political questions.

At the beginning of his speech, he accused Sanders of being a liar. Sanders responded by denying the allegations against him, pointing to another female presidential nominee, Amy Klobuchar, who appeared on the Warren stage, saying, "We have won all the elections we have contested." On the other hand, the four men who are debating on the stage today, all three of them have lost 10 times. Warren's speech caused a stir in the audience.

The concluding part of Warren's speech was also quite gorgeous. " I think the most over the top terrifying thing is to select somebody who can't run the entire party as leader of the Leftist faction," he said. Or nominating someone who is convinced that they can win without any hard work. Therefore, we need to nominate a person who is qualified to lead the party from the front. Someone should be nominated whom everyone can count on.

Sanders, meanwhile, has been branded a divisive figure among Democratic presidential nominees. It is feared that Pete Buttigieg will not be able to attract blacks. Biden, on the other hand, lacks enthusiastic supporters. All in all, Warren is leading the race for the party's presidency in the next election.

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