Advantages and disadvantages of eating watermelon

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Advantages and disadvantages of eating watermelon


This summer, a slice of red watermelon will give a cool feeling. That is why the demand for this fruit is highest in the summer to stay fresh. Watermelon is not only good for health, but also for health. Watermelon contains lycopene, amino acids, nutrients, potassium, magnesium and water. It is possible to get the benefits of watermelon in two ways: use or eat in beauty treatment.



Hot weather fruit, watermelon contains potassium, vitamins A, C and B. Moreover, this organic product contains lycopene and a lot of enemies of oxidants. Interestingly, the presence of lycopene is such a beautiful red watermelon. And the benefits of these ingredients are huge. Studies have shown that the anti-oxidants in watermelon reduce the risk of stroke and help reduce high blood pressure. Watermelon is very low in fat and high in water. Studies have also shown that the lycopene in watermelon works very well against certain types of cancers in the human body.


The health benefits of watermelon are explained in detail below. Let's take a look:-


1. keep the heart healthy

Various scientific experiments have shown that the benefits of watermelon are so great that eating at least one slice of watermelon a day can keep unhealthy and harmful cholesterol away which can prevent heart related diseases. The Citrulline present in watermelon is very good for heart health. This is because controlling helps prevent the occasional hardening of the arteries that cause pain in women after menopause.


2. Increasing the digestive capacity

Watermelon contains a lot of water, which enhances digestion. It also contains fiber, which helps in relieving constipation and keeping the stomach clean by digesting food.


3. lose weight

The biggest benefit of watermelon is that it is known to be effective for weight loss because the amount of water in watermelon is very high. This helps in proper metabolism and helps the body to get rid of various toxins and fats, which helps in weight loss. A large piece of watermelon contains only 86 calories, 22 grams of carbohydrates and less than 1 gram of fat and does not contain any cholesterol. It meets 5% of your body's daily fiber requirements which helps in reducing excess body fat.


4. Keep the body moist

Watermelon contains 90% water, which keeps the body quite moist. So, eating watermelon is much more beneficial than tea or coffee. So, the amount of urine is right so that there is no pressure on the kidneys.


5. Prevent cancer

The lycopene in watermelon greatly reduces the risk of cancer. It is for this lycopene that the color of watermelon turns dark red, and it is rich in anti-oxidants which prevent cancer. Two cups of watermelon contain 20 grams of lycopene, which helps in fighting against various types of cancer. Lycopene works like chemotherapy for prostate cancer, which is known to easily destroy cancer cells. However, you must consult a doctor in this regard.


6. Keep the muscles right

Citrulline, which is rich in electrolytes and amino acids, acts as a relaxing medicine when the muscles ache after exercise or gym. Watermelon contains Citrulline which is known to be able to relieve muscle fatigue. So, eating watermelon removes lactic acid accumulated in the body and keeps the muscles active. So, make it a habit to drink watermelon juice to get its benefits.


7. Increase immunity

Watermelon is rich in vitamin C which boosts the body's immune system. It also contains vitamin B6, which helps in the formation of antibodies. This results in the right amount of white blood cells. Vitamin A in watermelon keeps the body away from various infections.


8. In case of asthma

Watermelon is rich in antioxidants called lycopene, which helps prevent various ailments of the body such as cold and fever. Even in the elderly, watermelon can reduce the risk of asthma.


9. Kidney protection

Although watermelon contains potassium, it has lower potassium levels than other fruits which makes it very effective for people suffering from kidney problems. If you have kidney problems, you should eat less potassium rich foods and, in this case, you can easily add watermelon to your diet.


10. Reduce high blood pressure

Watermelon contains a high amount of controlling which is very effective in reducing high blood pressure.


11. For the eyes

Watermelon is rich in vitamin A which is very essential for the eyes. Vitamin A Strong eyesight and prevents cataracts from aging rapidly. As a result, you can have a clear vision for many days of playing watermelon regularly.


12. For diabetes

You might be surprised to hear that watermelon has a role in reducing diabetes? In fact, watermelon is low in sugar and has anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic properties. But you must take the advice of a doctor in this regard.


13. Prevent heat stroke

Watermelon regulates body heat and quenches intense thirst. As a result, it may be possible to prevent heat stroke.


14. Bone health

Vitamin C is essential for good bone health as it can easily cure minor bone problems. Eating watermelon can prevent osteoporosis or bone fractures. It is also known to have an effect on bone growth.


15. For the gums

Vitamin C in watermelon is very good for gums. Lack of vitamin C leads to bleeding gums and swollen gums which can be easily reduced by regular consumption of watermelon. Watermelon also helps prevent bacterial and gum infections in the mouth.


16. Prevents cell damage

Watermelon, which is rich in lycopene, protects body cells from heart disease.


 17. For pregnant women

Chest irritation is very common during pregnancy. It is also seen that pregnant women get up in the morning and feel sick. All this can be prevented by playing watermelon. This watermelon can prevent muscle soreness even towards the end of pregnancy.


18. Eliminates puffiness

In addition to lycopene, watermelon contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help the body fight infections and bloating.


19. Increases strength

Watermelon is rich in vitamin B which is known to provide energy to the body. Having low calorie content, it provides proper nutrition to the body and provides energy to the body, which helps you to stay fresh throughout the day. In addition, the potassium in watermelon acts as an electrolyte in the body.


How to Use Watermelon



If you know about the benefits of watermelon, then let's see how you can use this watermelon:-


·        The easiest way to eat watermelon is to cut it into small pieces and eat it with a little salt. Leaving it in the fridge for a while before eating makes it more palatable.


·        Another special way to eat watermelon is to make watermelon salad. To make this salad you need a few pieces of watermelon, a bit of onion powder, cucumber powder, lemon juice, cashew nut powder and salt. This salad is great both for looking and for eating.


·        Watermelon with, you can make very nice ice cream. For this, boil the milk well and when it becomes thick with sugar, vanilla essence and watermelon, cool it and keep it in the fridge. It tastes great to eat.


·        You can without much of a stretch make watermelon juice at home. Take out the seeds from the watermelon and mix it with a little water or milk in a blender and add a little sugar. Then drink it.


·        Watermelon flavored cakes also look great to eat. It requires watermelon without seeds, baking powder, icing sugar, eggs, a little white oil, milk and cocoa powder. Mix them all together to make a cake mix with a blender and bake in the microwave.



Ways to keep watermelon safe for a long time :-


To keep watermelon safe for a long time, you first need to know how to choose the right watermelon when buying. Below are all the details-


·        Before buying a good watermelon, make sure that it is fresh and flat in size. It should not have any cut or leak marks on it.


·        Pick up the watermelon by hand and weigh it well. A fresh watermelon should be heavy. Being heavily means it has the right amount of water.


·        Notice the earthy spot on the watermelon. The darker the soil stains, the better. This means that it has matured well with the soil and does not contain many toxins. The lightness of the soil spots means that it has been removed before it matures well.


·        A fresh watermelon will never be too bright or colorful. The color of fresh watermelon will be light green and a little pale.


Here's how to buy a watermelon and keep it fresh for a long time:-


·        A whole watermelon can easily keep you fresh in the fridge for about a week. Just make sure that there are no cuts or leaks during storage and that the temperature in the fridge is not below 4 degrees.


·        The best way to preserve watermelon is to cut it evenly and carefully, cut it into one-inch pieces with a knife and then place it in a glass bowl, cover it with a plate and store it in the fridge. This way you can keep up to 3-4 days.



Side Effects of Watermelon


As much as there are benefits to eating too much of anything, there are good rules for eating watermelon. Take a look below at some disadvantages of eating too much watermelon:


1. Stomach problems

Watermelon is rich in lycopene which, when ingested in excess can cause various stomach problems such as vomiting, upset stomach, digestive problems, thin stools etc.


2. Hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is a disease in which the body produces more potassium than it needs, which can be caused by eating too much watermelon. This can lead to heart problems such as irregular heartbeat and weak pulse.


 3. Allergies

People who are allergic to watermelon should not eat watermelon in any way. Itching in the body, redness of the skin can be seen.


However, the comfort of eating watermelon on a hot day is different. After reading all the previous information, you cannot deny the health benefits of watermelon. So be sure to add this delicious and beneficial fruit to your daily diet.

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