Some of the most expensive degrees in the world

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Some of the most expensive degrees in the world


The greatest investment that people make is to get an education. Or education is considered to be one of the most important responsibilities in life. That is not to say that education is a big investment. But in some cases that has happened. Getting different types of degrees can cost different amounts of money. Here we are talking about education, which requires a huge investment to achieve. Take a look at the degrees that are considered to be the most expensive degrees in the world.


Wharton School - Executive MBA

You can pursue an Executive MBA, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. But for this you have to count 1Millions 92 thousand 900 dollars. It is considered one of the best business programs in the world. After graduation, you will get a job with an average salary of 1 Million 26 thousand 280 dollars.


Sarah Lawrence College - Bachelor of Arts

This degree will cost 2 Million 4 thousand 784 dollars. It is situated in Winchester Province, New York. The Liberal Arts School has no special courses or exams for this degree. Here everyone is taught in a special way.


Harvey Mud College - Bachelor of Science 

This degree will cost 2 Million 9 thousand 532 dollars. This is the most expensive undergraduate program in America. The four-year program focuses on science, math and engineering. After graduation, you get a job worth 78,200 dollars.


Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons - Doctor of Medicine

Charge 2 million 30 thousand 536 dollars. After completing this four-year course, the students became physicians.


Tufts University School of Medicine - Doctor of Medicine

The four-year course at this school in Boston costs 2 million 38 thousand 56 dollars.


Bird College - Bachelor of Music 

2 million 53 thousand 520 dollars’ degree. The five-year program offers students a Bachelor of Music degree.


University of Cambridge - Doctor of Business

costs 3 million, 32 thousand dollars’ degree. Although this course is not yet fully operational. Once launched, students will be able to do business doctorate from here. It will be on the list of the most expensive degrees in the world.

Source: Business Insider

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