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              Something unknown about soy sauce


There are various stories about the birth of soy sauce. The most common of these is the story of Chinese monks decided during the Han rule about two thousand years ago that they would no longer eat meat. Everyone will become a vegetarian. At that time, in order to live a healthy life without touching meat, vegetarians started looking for alternatives to meat. Then the world got acquainted with tofu (fried card made with soybean milk), soy milk, soy cheese, soy sauce.


What is the function of soy sauce?

Its main function is to make the food more delicious and to help digestion. Even if it is cooked with soy sauce without using raw salt, the food is delicious because it also contains salt. This delicious sauce is made by mixing soybeans, fried grains and some other ingredients.

Use of soy sauce

Since this dish bears in China, soy sauce is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. There are two types of soy sauce. One dark, the other light. Usually, we use darker soy sauce — to keep the meat marinated and with sushi. Light soy sauce is more used in salads. This soy sauce is also used in cooking seafood. Light soy sauce on rice, pasta, vegetable stew. In these cases, too, we usually use dark soy sauce.

The main function of soy sauce is to make the food delicious. Assist digestion. It can be cooked only with soy sauce without using raw salt. Since soy sauce has a ton of salt. There are other elements besides this; Which are not in salt. Ever since Chinese and Japanese food started gaining popularity in Bangladesh, soy sauce has also gained popularity. Now, soy sauce has proudly taken its place in the place of sauce cans in almost everyone's fridge.

The benefits of soy sauce

Soy sauce contains minerals, vitamin B, Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese and many other important elements. They fight against various infections. The main ingredient in soy sauce is protein. One of the most beneficial ingredients in food is antioxidants. There is no end to the quality of the ingredients in anti-aging. Helps to increase immunity.

Fights against various infections. The antioxidants in soy sauce increase immunity. Increases the efficiency of the heart.

Increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

The protein in it helps in building muscle in the body.

Eating protein-rich foods usually make you feel less hungry, and the same thing happens to it. Therefore, weight is taken care of.

One study found that it helps to heal brain lesions, improves memory.

There is no substitute for soy sauce to make weak bones stronger.

Soy sauce reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

This is why foods that contain antioxidants. So delicious soy sauce can find a place in our daily diet.


Also know the disadvantages

Artificially produced soybeans using chemical hydrolysis are more available in the market in unhealthy environments. So be careful when buying. Generally, transparent brown soy sauce in glass bottles is free from adulteration. It contains a lot of sodium. Those who have problems with salt, including high blood pressure, will understand and eat according to the amount.

It can cause intestinal diseases. The salt in it damages the intestinal wall.

Now and again, sensitivities can be an issue.

Premature abortion can be a problem.

Some studies have linked it to migraine headaches.

However, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. If you do not have any physical problems, and eat moderate amounts of soy sauce, then there is no reason to worry. And, if you have a physical issue, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

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