What happens when the tea is boiled again and again?

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               What happens when the tea is boiled again and again?


Many individuals have a propensity for drinking some tea after breakfast. There is no pair of some tea to let weariness in the middle free from hecticness. Many individuals like to drink tea every now and again. For this, make tea once and leave it and heat up the tea over and over.


Numerous bistros regularly serve prepared tea at least a time or two. This obliterates the taste, fragrance and dietary benefit of the tea. Most authorities on the matter would agree, tea ought not to be bubbled over and again. This can make genuine harm to the body.


A report in the Anandabazar media has more than once referenced the hurtful parts of drinking bubbled tea.


Assuming the tea is warmed for quite a while; both the caffeine and tannin in the tea are lost. The flavor of tea turns out to be harsh. It is likewise not really great for the body. Over and again, drinking hot tea builds the gamble of esophageal disease.

A sort of microorganisms and growth in tea leaves. Continued warming expands their number. Over the top, bacterial tea influences glaucoma and nerves in the eye. This can decrease memory and vision.


Tea contains catechins, a valuable enemy of oxidant. Milk contains casein protein. Continued warming of tea blended in with milk annihilates the advantages of tea by blending catechins and casein. It influences processing. This can prompt loose bowels and stomach issues.

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