Bitter cucumber Controlled high blood pressure and diabetes

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          Bitter cucumber Controlled high Blood Pressure and Diabetes


Vegetables are important protective food, very beneficial for maintaining good health and preventing diseases. Vegetables contain anti-inflammatory properties that can be consumed regularly to stay healthy. One of the most useful and well-known vegetables is bitter cucumber. Bitter cucumber contains ingredients that play a vital role in preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, increased digestive energy, various eye problems and skin diseases.

Introduction: bitter cucumber is a creeping perennial herbaceous plant, the fruit of which is bitter cucumber. The bitter cucumber, raw fruit has a long shape with dark green bitter taste. Bitter cucumber grows all year round, but grows and is plentiful in winter and rainy seasons. Bitter cucumber is not so popular with many people. However, vegetables are very effective in nutrition and cure diseases.

Chemical Ingredients: Coriander leaves contain acidic resin, bitter substance Cucurbitene, Triterpenoids, Gamma amino butyric acid; it also contains amino acids, carotene, thiamine, niacin, ascorbic acid, and minerals. As a result, many steroidal compounds, saponin bitter cucurbitacin, glycosides, phenolic compounds, momor dicosides K & L. Seeds contain a type of laxative, linoleic, oleic alpha, ester of elio stabic acid, beta-sitosterol glucoside, albumin, globulin, glutolin, leaves, fruits and vitamin A, B, C.

Nutrients: According to nutritionists, every 100 grams of food are nutritious.

Food energy 26 kcal, water content 92.4 gram, sugar 4.3 gram, carbs 2.5 gram, fat 0.2 grams, minerals 0.8 grams, iron 1.8 grams, fiber 0.8 gram, vitamin C. 96 mg, Vitamin A210 I, U, Vitamin B-1.07 mg, B-20 0.06 mg, Nicotinic acid 0.5 gram, Calcium 31 mg, Potassium 152 mg, Phosphorus 70 mg. It contains other minerals. However, depending on the variety and soil quality, the nutrient content may be less.

Benefits: Bitter cucumber is a very beneficial and disease resistant vegetable. It is also called natural medicine. Regularly playing Bitter cucumber does not leave an impression of age on the body. Holds youth. The skin does not wrinkle. This virus killer also removes toxins from the body, cleanses the blood. Mixing Bitter cucumber juice and honey with water helps in curing asthma, bronchitis and sore throat. Bitter cucumber contains lutein and lycopene. These increase the body's resistance to disease. Prevents aging and enhances cancer resistance. Accelerates digestion. Some of the most important benefits of Bitter cucumber are highlighted.

A large part of the current generation is obese. According to experts, coriander juice burns fat cells and prevents the formation of new fat cells in that area. Bitter cucumber juice is also very beneficial for diabetics.

Bitter cucumber contains polypeptide B, vision and keratin. Putting Bitter cucumber juice in the daily diet reduces high blood pressure. Blood sugar levels are also under control. Bitter cucumber juice prevents asthma and any lung disease. Regular consumption of Bitter cucumber juice makes the skin look very taut and fresh. The wrinkles are removed.

Bitter cucumber contains a lot of antioxidants. Digestive power is increased by drinking Bitter cucumber juice mixed with honey. In addition, it contains fiber, which keeps the digestive system active.


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