The Chinese student filed a case against by iPhone company

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Disappointed with not getting a charger with the phone, the Chinese student filed a case


5 Chinese students have filed a lawsuit against Apple for not providing a charger with the iPhone company. The scholars argued that Apple does this to extend profits.

Apple has stopped offering AirPods and chargers with the new iPhone since 2020. Instead, the box gives a USB Type-C cable from a lightning. During this regard, the corporate said, chargers and AirPods will reduce carbon emissions and also the cost of raw materials.

However, there's some debate on whether the organization's main objective is to guard the environment or reduce costs. Because, within the meantime, Apple has released the Five-G-supported iPhone within the market. And Apple's cost of creating those smartphones has increased. Excluding chargers and earbuds will significantly reduce the price of every iPhone; on the opposite hand, if the customer buys the accessories separately, the revenue can increase.

The case is detailed within the Shanghai Law Journal. There, it is said, a student named Xiaofang was quite disappointed to not get a charger along with her iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Xiaofang argues that the cable provided within the box could be a lightning cable from USB-C. The charger that was supplied with the previous model iPhones, the new cable, isn't suitable for them. This implies that customers won't be able to use the previous charger, but will should buy a replacement USB-C charger with suitable or wireless technology.

Xiaofang claims that Apple's reason for not providing chargers with the iPhone is to extend sales of wireless chargers, in step with a report in vice magazine. Profits are working behind Apple's decision. And also the protection of the environment has been just a hoax.

Xiaofang and his classmates filed the lawsuit against Apple in Beijing Internet Court, The Verge reports. Within the case, they demanded a charger and only USD 16. The cash was sought to interrupt the contract and canopy the prices of the case.

According to a report within the Shanghai Law Journal, a representative of Apple argued that selling phones without a charger is now a really common thing which the iPhone 12 wrap has been cleared, saying there's no charge inside.

Meanwhile, in line with various news reports, the case continues to be pending and has already gone viral on Chinese social media Weibo, where everyone seems to be expressing support for the scholars. But while it should seem strange to sue Apple for thus little money, their initiative is vital here.

According to a report in Global Times, a Chinese student sued Shanghai Disney Resort in 2019 for less than 7 USD for not allowing him to bring extra food with him. Disney later pleaded guilty and agreed to pay.

Apple has faced lawsuits before for not providing a charger with the iPhone. Brazilian lawmakers have fined Apple 20 million for failing to supply a charger with the iPhone 12. They argued that Apple was misleading consumers by selling iPhones without chargers.

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