Princess Mako of Japan lost the kingdom

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                   Princess Mako of Japan lost the kingdom by getting married

Princess Mako of Japan is married. After a long wait, she has finally adopted Kei Kumoro, the son of an ordinary family, as her husband. Mako-Kumoro submitted their marriage papers in a local ward office at 10 a.m. local time on Tuesday, the Imperial Household Agency said.

As a result of this marriage, Mako lost her royal status. According to Japanese law, if a female member of the royal family marries an ordinary citizen, she loses her royal status. Although this rule does not apply to male members of the royal family.

However, not only did Mako lose her royal status by marrying her college classmate Kumoro, Mako refused the money or allowance he received from the royal family due to the customary royal wedding ceremony and leaving the family.

In 2017, Mako revealed her relationship with Kumoro. They had plans to get married the following year. However, they were forced to postpone the marriage at that time due to the news of an economic scandal of Kumoro's mother.

The couple is expected to stay in the United States after the marriage. Kumoro is associated with the legal profession there.

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