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                          Strange but interesting 11 facts

There are hundreds of things that happen in our daily lives. How many things have been seen around? But we may not think that there are many extraordinary things hidden in the midst of so many ordinary things. Then let's know some information.

1)   If you have a heart just because you have a heart, then the octopus is heartier than you. Because his heart is three!

2)   Ever slept with one eye open? It is not possible with you, but it is possible with dolphins.


3)    You know, there are about 625 sweat glands per square inch of our skin. They are so delicate that you can't even count them.


4)   One thing you know is that the height of the Himalayas is constantly increasing. The height of the Himalayas is increasing by about 4 mm every year.


5)   Human nails grow by 0.01715 inches every day.


6)   Imagine if we were breathing with our feet instead of our noses! Although we do not do this, the Sand Barker Crab (a type of crab) breathes exclusively with its legs. Because he doesn't have a nose.


7)   When we become unconscious, we no longer have to lean in any direction. But ants are probably a little more aware. Because ants always fall into their right when they faint.


8)   When we call someone stupid, we say you have less brain. As such, the starfish is stupid. They have no brains.


9)   You smile and smile, you have to use at least 5 pairs of facial muscles each time you smile. And if you get more smiles, it will take a total of 53 muscles.


10)    The first book published in English was The Recuyell ofthe History of Troye. The book was published in 1475 by William Caxton.


11)    You know, a person's fingerprint is different from another person's. So the lip impression is completely different from one person to another !

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