Disgust in the Face Due to Cold

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Disgust in the face of the cold, the taste will return to the food


Nature is changing its form. Saying goodbye to summer, winter is coming. Feeling cold in the air now. The mind of nature is now in full swing. At the same time, this mild winter is shaking people's minds. But the body is not accompanying.

At this time, the words are getting cold. When there is a cold-cough. Disgust in the face. Not wanting to eat anything. On the other hand, medicine is not going to be taken without food.

What kind of food is good to eat at this time? What will keep the body healthy and reduce the problem of distaste?

Nutritionists think it is best to eat hot chicken soup on such a difficult day. With a little garlic frying, this crispy soup of beans, carrots, onions and chicken is very beneficial for the body. This food is rich in protein, along with enough vitamins and minerals. All in all, it helps to increase the body's resistance.

Researchers at the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have found that the body absorbs water very quickly during colds and coughs. As a result, he gets thirsty again and again. Meat soup also helps to keep the body moist.

If it is cold, it seems that the nose and ears are closed. There is discomfort in the throat. The smell and taste of this food help to get rid of it. This hot and liquid food gives a lot of comfort to the throat. Garlic and onions contain a variety of minerals. All together increases the workforce.

(If you do not understand, do not try. Please consult a doctor.)

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