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corn flour uses

                                  As different use as corn flour


Many individuals use corn flour in cooking. 


What are different use of corn flour other than cooking:


Clean the glass: Apply a little corn flour  in the messy glass. Then, at that point, wipe well with a moist material. The glass will be clear.


To loosen adornments, chain or rope tie: Plunge in corn flour blend. Presently, attempt to unfasten that bunch. You can open it with no issue.


To unwind the hair: Apply corn flour  in the hair. Allow it to dry. Then, at that point, brush with a brush. Gotten corn flours will fall dry. Simultaneously, the knot will be opened. Cleanser later.


To decrease skin irritation: If your skin is irritated of going out in the sun, blend a little water in with corn flour  and apply it on the infected area. Irritation will diminish. Then, at that point, flush the area with tepid water. That will diminish the issue of an extraordinary arrangement.


To get rid of foot odor: Many individuals get foot smell when they wear shoes. Put a little corn flour  inside the shoe prior to putting it on. Or, then again, you can put something on the socks. It will presently don't smell horrible on the feet.

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