WhatsApp chat can be taken from iPhone to Android

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   WhatsApp chat can be taken from iPhone to Android

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has all the great features. However, users complained that chat or history could not be transferred from iOS to Android. WhatsApp's authorities have finally solved this problem as well. From now on, iOS users will be able to transfer WhatsApp chats to Android.

According to a report in India's technology, media Gazette Now, WhatsApp has launched a new feature for users. With this facility, WhatsApp chats or history of iOS can be taken on Android from Friday (September 3).

Now, this feature has been launched only for Samsung brand Android devices. Those devices must have Android 10 or above. The company, which owns Facebook, has announced that the feature will soon be rolled out to other brands of devices as well.

WhatsApp said in a blog post about the new feature that it is one of the few features that users have requested the most. Strict steps have been taken to ensure that the transfer of chats is done in a secure and reliable way through this feature.

If a user wants to transfer WhatsApp chat, they can only transfer voice messages, photos and videos. In this case, payment message and call history information cannot be transferred. From now on, users will get an option in WhatsApp if they want to change the device. WhatsApp chats can be easily transferred from there.


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