The Longest Earthworm in The World

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                 The Longest Earthworm in The World

How much long worm? The longest worm is found in the valley of the Beas River in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Its length can be up to 6.8 feet.

This giant Gippsland earthworm is one of the most ingenious and strange creations on earth. It's a rare occurrence on the ground. This giant earthworm can be seen in an area of ​​only 150 square miles. At one time the area was full of dense forest, but now it has become a complete agricultural land.

The earthworm was first found in the 1800s. At that time, the railway line survey workers accidentally found this species. The idea it is probably a few types of snake. They later took it to a professor at the University of Melbourne, who confirmed it was a giant worm.

These soft-skinned earthworms live permanently in moist areas. Due to its vast and fertile soil, gypsum earthworms can make strange noises. This sound can also be heard from the ground. These earthworms can go up to five feet deep in the soil to eat fungus, bacteria, algae and small insects. These earthworms come up to the ground only when their habitat is flooded by heavy rains.

This earthworm lays only one egg a year. And from that a child is born in one year. This worm is about one foot long at birth. However, it grows very slowly for the rest of its life. Scientists believe that these earthworms live for about ten years or more.


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