Eating To Survive, Corona-19 - ‘Snake Meat’

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           Eating to survive, corona-19 - ‘snake meat’

How many people have done nothing to survive the horrors of Corona? Many are relying on Ayurveda medicine. The only goal is to increase immunity in the body. So that the body can fight even if it does not come.

But recently, in a village in Tamil Nadu, there is a rumor that if you eat snake meat, you will not get close to Covid-19! Inspired by such an idea, after the corona spread, Vadivel are eating its meat by catching a snake. I haven't known about it for so long. But on Thursday, a video of Vadivel eating a snake came to light, and the administration became restless.

Vadivel lives in a Perumalpattu village in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The video, which went viral, shows Vadivel being bitten by a snake. At the same time, he is heard to say that snakes should be eaten to avoid Covid-19 infection. He is eating snakes to save himself from Covid-19.

As soon as the video was released, an official of the district forest department informed the police. He was then arrested. A fine of money 7,500 has also been imposed. The official said, this work is very dangerous. Killing snakes are also a serious crime. It is learned that the locals encouraged him to do this. Police are working to find those who did this.

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