Kate Winslet's Hair Mystery Revealed for Titanic movie

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Kate Winslet's Hair Mystery Revealed for Titanic movie

Kate Winslet. She is the heroine of the popular movie 'Titanic'. The golden-haired star took a place in the audience with the movie 'Titanic'. Rose (Kate Winslet) had red hair. In fact, the hair color of this Hollywood actress is golden. In a recent interview, she shared her special experience with hair.

Kate Winslet said in a recent interview that she had to wait almost two years to get her hair back to its original color. ‘What will be Rose’s hair color, was not clearly stated in the screenplay. I vividly remember talking to director James Cameron about that hair color. He asked, ‘What do you think if we dye our hair red? This ride will be intense and unusual. '

After that day of red hair, the color of romance spread in the hearts of viewers all over the world. Who knew, he would have to wait almost two years to get that blonde back after starring in the movie.

"I didn't understand it would be so difficult to get my hair back after the shoot," he said.

Kate added, ‘My hair isn’t really wavy, I needed to brush my hair consistently. But it was impossible to keep the hair folds straight. Because, water and water throughout the set. I shoot in many water tanks. Water would often get on the hair. I used to get in trouble every day just to keep my hair straight.

Note that when the Titanic was released, Kate was 21 years old. The hair-raising analysis of the media about him at that time gave him a lot of emotional pain. Remembering that, he was still shocked. So after the release of the movie, Kate started wrapping herself up.

He said that day and night seemed to be one. Personal life and physical constitution became the subject of discussion.

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