There Are More Benefits To Eating 6 Meals Raw

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There Are More Benefits To Eating 6 Meals Raw

There is no pair of vegetables and fruits to keep the body healthy. Every day, many people put more or less different vegetables and fruits in the food list. Most vegetables are cooked and eaten. However, there are some vegetables and fruits which, if eaten raw, retain their nutritional value. When these fruits and vegetables are cooked and eaten, their quality decreases. Let's take a look at some fruits and vegetables eaten raw are beneficial for health.


Onions are a very important ingredient in cooking. It’s hard to find any recipe that doesn’t use onions. However, the quality and nutritional value of raw onions is much higher than that of cooked onions. When onions are eaten in salads with other vegetables, their effectiveness increases. Onions contain anti-oxidants, which are very helpful for the liver. In addition, the onion distances itself from heart disease, strengthens the bones. It also keeps the body clean by reducing the risk of high blood pressure.


One of the most undercooked vegetables is beetroot. These dark red vegetables can be eaten as juice or as a salad. It contains some ingredients that help control high blood pressure. One glass of beetroot juice before exercising daily or at the beginning of the day is enough to strengthen the body.

Bean sprouts

Although bean sprouts are not very popular in our country, the demand for them is slowly growing. Many health experts now have an interest in bean sprouts. Bean sprouts can be eaten either cooked or raw. But if it is eaten raw or mixed with any salad, its nutritional value is right. It contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B. Cooking any foods that contain vitamin C reduces the amount of healthy food, so eating these raw foods is best for health.


Although tomatoes are mainly winter vegetables, they are now available for sale almost all year round. Tomatoes occupy a large area in subcontinental cuisine. However, it is better to eat tomatoes, raw, than cooked food. Tomatoes contain many anti-oxidants, which are lost in the heat of the fire. Therefore, according to health experts, it is best to eat tomatoes as a salad or as a juice.


Garlic should be eaten raw, it may sound strange to many. However, raw garlic has many properties. In the morning, on an empty stomach, cut a lump of garlic and eat it with a little honey every day, it will end up with no lung cancer. Garlic helps build the body's immune system and regulates blood pressure.


Most people like to eat fried nuts. However, when eaten raw without a little salt, it brings many benefits to the body. Consumption of salt or sugar while frying nuts continues to increase the number of calories in it. In addition, the heat of the fire reduces the amount of anti-oxidants and vitamins in the nuts. So almonds, cashews or pistachios, even almonds, are best eaten raw.


Broccoli is very popular among vegetables. For those who know health, broccoli is in their daily diet chart. It contains anti-oxidants, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and protein. These dark green vegetables contain other ingredients that also help prevent cancer. It is therefore very important to include broccoli in your daily diet.

It can be cooked over low heat for a minute or two, but broccoli should not be overdone. Even if eaten raw, it should be thoroughly washed in salted water.

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