Why can't Black Cumin deal with corona ?

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         Why can't black cumin deal with corona?

Black cumin is the most common spice in the kitchen. And that could be Corona's medicine! It is strange to think, but that is what scientists say. The scientific name of the tree is Nigella sativa. It has been used for years to reduce infectious diseases in many countries in North America and West Asia. There are no pairs that reduce high blood pressure, allergies, skin diseases.

A study conducted in Sydney states that it contains an ingredient called hydroquinone, which can build up resistance to corona. This ingredient attaches itself to coronavirus spike protein, so the virus cannot infect the lungs.

Also, the most dangerous for corona patients is a cytokine storm, which can also be blocked by blackheads. And that is why Corona is showing the light of hope for healing.

However, there are some problems. But scientists say that it is possible to overcome this problem by using advanced methods of medicine. After that, it can also be taken as an oral medication. However, to date, it has been used as a nasal spray for patients.

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