Finding New Interesting Carnivorous Plants

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                 Finding new interesting carnivorous plants

New carnivorous plants have been found in Alaska, USA. The stem of the plant is green; the color of the flower is white. The newly discovered carnivorous tree is similar to another carnivorous plant, the sun dew. There are more than 150 plants in this class, which eat insects with the help of bright red color, dewdrops and perfume. News, National Geographic.

Like other carnivorous plants, the lifespan of the newly discovered carnivorous plant is very short. The plant grows in May, flowers in June-July, then produces seeds and dies in early autumn. It was discovered by Kianshi Lin, a botanist at the University of British Columbia. Lin found this tree from one of his students. The student told Lin that the flower structure of the tree resembled that of a carnivorous plant.

Lin then experimented to make sure that the tree, which had looked like a temple for so long, was actually carnivorous. Until now, the tree was known as a species of Erythrina variegata. But Lin's research shows that the tree traps and eats small insects through the flowers.

Most carnivorous plants grow in the barren soils in sunny areas. It takes a lot of energy to catch and eat animals. Only 0.2 percent of plants are thought to have this ability.

The newly discovered carnivorous tree is minimal. Also, the cultivars (long trunk) of the tree that are trapped by different types of insects are only in the flowers. That is why the tree has not been seen by anyone for so long.

Studies have shown that this new species of carnivorous plant eats small ants and flies. However, they do not catch bees that help pollinate. The trunk-like cultivars of the plant trap different types of insects and gradually digest them.

But German botanist Andreas Fleischman says the newly discovered plant may have killed insects to protect itself.

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