Restaurant in space

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Restaurant in space
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Restaurant in space

Emptiness underfoot. Further down is the green earth. You can see the sunrise very close. Sometimes bright stars overhead. Sometimes you will see a meteor running very close. How would it feel to sip a drink of happiness while watching such a cosmic scene? Although it seems surprising, you can see such a taste in the next year. A tourism company called 'SpaceVIP' in New York is opening a restaurant floating in the stratosphere of the world. They have also hired a world-famous Danish chef.

SpaceVIP shared several pictures of the restaurant on their Instagram. As it turns out, it should look a lot like a balloon. Guests will be taken on a space tour in the high-tech space-balloon for six hours. But for this, it will cost about 5 lakh dollars per person.

For now, there are tables for six people in the restaurant. Large windows around, eyes will go far. Guests can enjoy their meal while watching the sunrise, sitting at a height of 1 lakh feet above the ground. There will also be Wi-Fi. Anyone can live stream from space, talk to friends or family.

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