Great features of Microsoft Word

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Great features of Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word has a variety of features. Through this, one can enlarge and reduce their writing as needed. In addition, Microsoft Word has a variety of features, which help to make important daily tasks easier. Everyone needs to know, it has many shortcuts available, which make daily work easier. There are many features in Microsoft Word that many people do not know.

The toolbar can be hidden: The toolbar at the top of the Word page takes up a lot of space. In such a situation, if one wants to write without interruption, he can hide this toolbar. For this, he needs to click on Ctrl + F1 button. After that, the whole toolbar can be covered up.

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Word deletion: There is no need to use backspace repeatedly to delete each letter of the word. There is a simple trick for this. Whenever one wants to delete a word, one has to click the Backspace button along with the Ctrl key. This will erase the whole word on the double.

Text Select: Dagging and highlighting options can be used to select text. Double-clicking on any word will highlight it. Additionally, triple clicking on any part of the copy will select the entire sentence/paragraph.

Characters can be selected: Similarly, text can also be selected very easily. For this, instead of the mouse, press the Shift + Ctrl key and click the Arrow button.


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