Is it right to eat sour yogurt in winter

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Is it right to eat sour yogurt in winter?

The message of winter is blowing in nature. Many people suffer from various diseases during this season change. Moreover, the incidence of fever, cold and cough increases when winter falls. At this time, it is important to increase the body's resistance to fight disease. In that case, certain foods are important. It is important to keep sour yogurt in this list.

In addition to the probiotic content, sour yogurt is also rich in calcium. Eating curd is very important to keep bones healthy in winter. Calcium is the most beneficial element for bone health. Apart from this, the power of sour yogurt is immense to eliminate problems like gas, flatulence, and gas. I What's more, yogurt contains vitamin B12 and phosphorus. Sour yogurt instantly solves many problems in the body.

But because curd is cold, many people think that eating sour curd in winter can cause cold and cough. But according to experts, eating yogurt in winter has nothing to do with cold. Rather, the body will be healthy by eating yogurt. Nutritionists say that sour yogurt can be eaten in moderation even in winter. It is best if yogurt is consumed before 5 pm. It is different if you have a problem with cold. In that case it is better to avoid curd in the evening. It is best to be aware, especially if you have breathing problems.

Eating cold yogurt from the fridge in winter can cause problems. May suffer from cold and cough. So if you want to eat curd in winter, take it at least a couple of hours before eating. After the coldness of curd is gone, eat it. Apart from this, keep a few things in mind before consuming curd in winters.

1. Eat a bowl of curd after lunch. You can eat sour yogurt after breakfast. It is better not to have cared in dinner.

2. If you don't want to eat only yogurt, you can make a smoothie with some seasonal fruits.

3. You can also eat sour yogurt with oats in the morning. It will not increase weight. The body will be healthy in winter.

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