What is the way to increase reach on Facebook

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What is the way to increase reach on Facebook?

Even with a good post on Facebook, many people do not get much response. Again, people are eager to react to the unimportant status of many people! Because of this, many people have to face the question, 'How do you get so many reactions to your post?'

Many people want to be happy by getting reactions on social media posts. Their John Bustle.com has revealed a way. According to the company, posting at the right time gets more reactions.

The firm conducted a research report analyzing hundreds of millions of likes on more than 140 million posts over a period of four months. According to the report, most likes are received on weekdays - between 9am and 5pm.

It can be said that there is a low tide in the flow of likes for two hours. Many people stay away from social media during this time. Again, if you post between 7 pm and 8 pm you can catch the tide of likes.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg had some suggestions for increasing the reach of Facebook

Post regularly

If you want to increase the post reach on Facebook, you have to post 5-7 times a day for the group, profile and of course on the page.

Calculation of number of likes, comments and shares of the post

Facebook tries to understand the importance of a post based on how many likes, comments and shares a post has. Among them, share value is high, 2nd is comment, 3rd is like.

Pages the user is connected 

A member who has not had any engagement with previous posts on the page will not display that post in that member's newsfeed. So even if a page has 100,000 members, it's no use if they don't engage in any post. So some engagement should be posted daily.

Previous post type

It will repeatedly display the type of posts that a user has previously read or commented, liked.

Consider negative feedback

If someone reports or unfollows a post or page, Facebook reduces the reach of that page or that person's post a lot.

What a useful post

Facebook tries to understand the importance of your post based on how useful or liked the post is for people and thus increases the reach.


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