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Likes will increase on photo posts on Facebook

Facebook ikes

According to the rules, if you post pictures on Facebook, likes will increase

Everyone expects likes and comments by posting pictures or writing on Facebook. But not everyone gets likes and comments as expected. Many times it is seen that there are 1000 thousand Facebook friends, but only 20 likes. What causes this? Many want to know.

The reason may be unknown to many people; it is possible to solve this problem only by keeping several things in mind while posting on Facebook. The most important thing is time. That is, what time you are posting on Facebook is very important.

You can post whenever you want, but it is not possible to get equal engagement on Facebook. Because Facebook traffic is not always equal. Even every day is not the same. Therefore, content should be uploaded on specific days and at specific times.

When uploading content?

A report on this has been published by an organization called Sprout Social. They published this report on their website. According to that report, in past years, posts on Facebook earlier in the morning were likely to get the most engagement. But the situation has changed quite a bit since this year.

According to the report, content posted early in the morning from Monday to Friday is likely to get the most engagement. And the more people see that content.

Correct timing of post

Engagement is likely to be good from 3pm Monday to Friday. On the other hand, good engagement can be found from 10 am on Tuesday.

What day of Facebook post can get the most benefits? In this case it can be posted from Tuesday to Friday.

When do posts get the least engagement? According to that report, content should not be uploaded on Facebook on Saturday.

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