12 Surprising Facts About Vincent Van Gogh Life

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Vincent van Gogh

12 Surprising Facts About Vincent van Gogh Life

Among the painters who arouse curiosity in the pages of history, Vincent van Gogh is above all. Although one of the greatest artists of all time, almost nobody knew him during his lifetime. He had to fight the scourge of poverty in his short life.

Let's know some unknown things about the life of this painter.

1) Besides Van Gogh, there were three other Vincent van Goghs in his family. The painter Van Gogh is named after his older brother, who died during childbirth. Meanwhile, this elder brother was named after the same name of their grandfather.

Meanwhile, painter Van Gogh's younger brother Theo Van Gogh also named his son Vincent van Gogh.

2) Van Gogh started painting at the age of 27. He did not take a hand from anyone to paint. Van Gogh did not use so much color in his early paintings. The main purpose of his paintings was to present the grim reality of society and difficult subjects. Poverty, poor living, is prominent in Van Gogh's early paintings. Basically, he used to paint his own life. Later, the use of color in his pictures increased a lot. Basically, Vincent became famous for those films.

3) Van Gogh met another painter, Paul Ganga in 1887. Although they often painted at the same time, their style of painting was different.

4) Van Gogh wrote about 800 letters in his 37 years of life. Historians have arranged the letters in chronological order to reveal many unknown facts about Van Gogh.

About 600 of the 800 letters were exchanged between the painter Van Gogh and his elder brother Theo!

5) Although Van Gogh is known as a painter, he tried to devote himself to many professions in his early life. Van Gogh's life began in a photo shop. The job didn't last long, because Van Gogh misbehaved with the customer. He did mastery at school for a while, and lost that job because of his bad mood. Tried to become a priest, enrolled in theology school, did not like classes for a while; He left that school. Then he went to Belgium to work as a mine worker. During this time, he started painting.

6) Van Gogh had bipolar personality disorder due to temporal lobe epilepsy. He spent his life in ups and downs of joy and sorrow. Various evidence suggests that he was also delusional.

7) Vincent painted about 2,100 paintings in his lifetime. Which includes 860 oil paintings. He completed most of his film work in the last two years of his life.

Despite the financial problems and mental illness of his life, Van Gogh painted in the last two years, many painters could not paint in a lifetime.

8) There are many theories surrounding the incident of Van Gogh cutting his ears. One of the popular theories is that Van Gogh partially severed his left ear with a razor after getting into a fight with colleague Paul Gonga. He then wrapped the partially severed ear in paper and delivered it to a woman in the brothel that both he and Gonga used.

9) Arguably Vincent van Gogh's best painting is Starry Night. But the interesting thing is that this picture was painted by Vincent sitting in an ashram. In 1888, he voluntarily came to this ashram in the province of Saint Remy-de-France when he broke down mentally after cutting off his ear. The painting is said to be a night scene from Van Gogh's bedside window.

10) Vincent's most expensive painting is 'Portrait of Doctor Gachet'. Painted in 1890, this painting was auctioned exactly one hundred years later in 1990. At the time, the film sold for $82.5 million, making it one of the most expensive films in the world.

11) Vincent van Gogh was able to sell only one painting in his lifetime. 'Red Vineyard' is the only film sold by Vincent himself. If he had lived for a few more days without committing suicide, he would have been able to see the honor of his achievements with his own eyes.

12) Vincent van Gogh shot himself in the chest on July 27, 1890. It is said that he shot himself in the chest while standing in a wheat field. He was drawing while sitting in the wheat field just before the shooting. After being shot, he managed to reach his home on foot. There he was attended to by two doctors, but passed away two days later on July 29.

According to the younger brother Theo Van Gogh, his last sentence of life was 'La Tristese Durera Taujurs', which translates into English as 'This sadness will last forever'!

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