Home remedies for cracked feet

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cracked feet

Home remedies for cracked Feet

As soon as the cold falls, the skin tightens. So, everyone takes care of their hands and face, but the precious parts of the body, the feet, remain neglected. Both feet should be taken care of, more than face and hair care in winter. Because feet are more exposed to dust. As a result, many people's ankles begin to crack.

The problem of cracked feet is evident on winter days. So, if you start making efforts from today, your feet will be clean and soft even in severe winter. Find out how to try...

1. Soak your feet in warm water mixed with shampoo for at least 20 minutes after returning home after work. Then rub it with a pumice stone or pumice stone and wash it once. Then spread the cream and take it. Apply a deep moisturizer at night while sleeping.

2. The dead cells of the skin of the feet must be cleaned daily, if allowed to accumulate, the risk of hardening will increase. Make a homemade scrub with rice powder, honey, lemon juice, milk. Apply this pack and keep it for some time. When dry, rub and remove.

3. After washing your feet, make a mixture of aloe vera gel and olive oil and apply it all over your feet.

4. Crack a little vitamin E capsule and extract the oil. Then mix vitamin E with petroleum jelly and rub it on your feet. Applying this coating at night and sleeping with socks will make your feet very soft.

5. Those who suffer from cracked feet should wear closed shoes with socks before going out. Especially the ankle covered shoes.

6. Moisturizer must be applied to feet after a shower, then apply cream well before putting on closed shoes.

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