47 dead in Florida after Hurricane Ian

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Hurricane Ian

47 dead in Florida after Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian created landfall in southwest Sunshine State on Fri, Sept thirty.

US President Joe Biden on Friday, September 30 called Hurricane Ian one of the worst natural disasters in US history. He said, Destruction on such an outsized scale has not been seen within the recent history of the US Given the extent of the harm, it may take years to make.

The National cyclone Center (NHC) same Ian hit the coast of Cayo Costa, west of Fort Myers, Florida, around 3 p.m. time last Wednesday, September 28. Wind gusts were 240 kilometers per hour in Fort Myers and close areas at that point.

The storm then moved southward on Thursday, September 29 and weakened to a normal hurricane as it approached Florida's neighboring states of North and South Carolina. However, Ian wreaked havoc in Florida. No building within the state's coastal cities was spared from destruction thanks to sturdy winds and high tides.

The city of Fort Myers, where the storm hit on Wednesday, September 28, was almost a lake. More than twenty-five hundred thousand folks square measure still while not electricity. Twenty migrants square measure missing when a ship capsized thanks to Ian. Rain and powerful winds caused power outages within the southwestern, a part of the state. The blackout can continue till Ian's rampage stops. Thanks to torrential rain with sturdy wind, the emergency department couldn't begin the operation smartly.

According to the Florida branch of the United States Disaster Management Department, 16 of the 47 people who died in Florida due to the hurricane are from Florida. The state mayor said the actual death toll could be much higher than 47. He said, "We have already managed to evacuate thousands of people safely, but still many could not be brought." As a result, I am afraid that the number of actual victims will be more.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Saturday that billionaire businessman Elon Musk is "delivering approximately 120 Starlink satellites to alleviate some communications problems." Starlink, a satellite internet system developed by Musk's SpaceX, will provide high-speed connectivity.

Florida's utilities are working to restore power. As of Sunday morning, about 850,000 homes and businesses were still without power, down from a peak of 2.67 million.

At least fifty-four folks are confirmed dead: forty-seven in American state, four in the North geographical area and 3 in Cuba. The weakened storm moved north on Sunday and was expected to bring rain to parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and southern Pennsylvania., according to the National Hurricane Center, which warned of the possibility of flash flooding.

More than 1,000 people have been rescued from flooded areas along Florida's southwest coast, four-star general and chief of the National Guard Daniel Hokanson told The Associated Press as he flew to Florida. In Washington, the White House proclaimed that President Joe Biden and initial girl Jill Biden can jaunt to American state on Wednesday. However, a brief statement did not reveal any details of the planned state visit.

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