2 killed in knife attack in USA

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2 killed in knife attack in USA

The attacker has been arrested, but his identity and motive for the attack were not immediately known. Two people were killed and six were injured in a knife attack in Las Vegas, the authorities said. According to the news agency Reuters, the attack took place a little before noon local time on one side of the sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard, which is home to casinos in Las Vegas.

In a conference of the afternoon, the city Metropolitan department of {local government} (LVMPD) aforementioned the casualties enclosed local residents yet as tourists. Authorities aforesaid the suspected assailant is in his 30s and isn't native. He attacked using a long, sharp knife. He was arrested shortly thereafter.

Officials are now trying to confirm his identity. One of the eight people who were stabbed by the assailant was pronounced dead at the scene, while another died at a nearby hospital.

Three of the six injured are in critical condition, while the remaining three are in stable condition, LVMPD said in a statement. Las Vegas Deputy Police Chief James La Rochelle said there was no altercation or altercation, and that witnesses followed the assailant as he fled on foot, only to be apprehended shortly thereafter.

Quoting passers-by, local media reported that some 'show-girl performers' who were busy taking pictures with tourists on the wide road may be among the casualties.

In a statement on Twitter, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak promised to beef up security on Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the Strip. My condolences to those full of this painful incident, he said. Casinos, Las Vegas famous for night entertainment witnessed a horrific indiscriminate shooting a few years back.

In the October 2017 incident, a targeted gunman indiscriminately opened fire on people attending a music festival from a high-rise hotel, killing 60 people.

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