The inventor is coming into the Metaverse world

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The inventor is coming into the Metaverse world

The virtual world Metaverse is now a hot conversation in the tech world. Tech organizations are burning through billions of dollars to make this virtual world. This time, Neal Stephenson, the inventor of the Metaverse, is going to start creating his own virtual world.

The metaverse is essentially a virtual world. It is a three-dimensional world where many people can connect through the Internet. Not only that, you can communicate with yourself in the virtual world through three-dimensional avatar emojis based on your appearance.

Neal Stephenson, the creator of the Metaverse, is the first science fiction writer. In the novel 'Snow Crush' written by Stephenson in 1992, information about the virtual world was presented. His book is about where you find yourself in the digital world. He also gave this world a name. After that, he became famous. His universe and metaverse have become famous in the computer world. Big tech companies have started investing in creating such worlds.

Facebook's Reality Lab, a subsidiary of Meta, has invested heavily in creating the world of the Metaverse. Facebook renamed their parent company Meta. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon started investing like Facebook in plans to create Metaverse.

Stephenson is currently going to enter this virtual world himself, despite the fact that he has communicated his disappointment with the over-abundances of innovative organizations in making his own metaverse world. He will introduce a method called 'Laminal' to transform his imaginary world into a real world. For this, he calls the head of the Bitcoin Foundation, Peter Vessenes. Peter is a well-known name in the world of "cryptocurrency" or virtual money. Peter and Stephenson founded a company called Laminal. They are going to create a technological system under this society, from which an open metaverse can be created.

"Neal Stephenson set out to make Metaverse more open, distributed, and creative," said Ronnie Abovitz, Laminal's strategy advisor and former CEO of Magic Leap.

Peter Vessenes said many thoughts Neal Stephenson might be selling his brand to a Metaverse company. But actually, he is not doing that. Their objectives are different. They will work to open it.

Source: Wired


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