iPhone customers are in problem after updating to iOS 16

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iOS 16

iPhone's customers are in problem after updating to iOS 16

Apple opened the new operating system IOS 16 for the iPhone last Monday. The operating system can be used on the iPhone 14, but the old version of the iPhone can be used. But the new operating system has been alleged that the old version's iPhone battery is expanding rapidly.

The iOS 16 operating system includes a custom lock screen, email, schedule use of a new notification system, and editing of sent messages. And so, the old iPhone users waited for a long time to use the updated operating system. But left in the law, many iPhone users have problems after updating iOS 16. They complain that the iPhone battery drains quickly after iOS 16 update.

An iPhone user reported on Twitter that after using iOS 16, the battery charge dropped by 10 percent in an hour of inactivity. Another said, if you don't want your battery to drain to 10 percent in 30 minutes, don't update to iOS 16.

Apple has yet to comment on user complaints. However, according to Adrian Kingsley, an expert at the technology website GDnet, there are various types of work going on in the iPhone during the installation of the new operating system. This work can last from a few hours to several days. And so it is assumed that the battery consumption of the older iPhone is higher in the initial state.

Source: Daily Mail


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