Repost facility is coming to Instagram

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Repost facility is coming to Instagram

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, the whole world is now at hand. Through social media, any information spreads across the world in an instant. Popular social media are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Another new feature is coming to Instagram. This allows users to repost other people's posts on their own wall. According to technology experts, users are going to get this benefit very soon.

A meta speaker told TechCrunch; We are considering reposting every post in the Instagram feed. Just like sharing stories. Posts that affect us in various ways may be reposted. Also, credits the original creator of the post for their work.

Meanwhile, social media consultant Matt Navarrese was the first to discuss the new feature. He recently posted a screenshot. In which the use of the Repost tab is shown. According to the screenshot, the Repost tab will be added to users' profiles in addition to Posts, Reels, and Tagged Photos tabs.

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