Brazilian government stopping selling iPhones without chargers

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Brazilian government stopping selling iPhones without chargers

There have been complaints from consumers for years that Apple is cutting back on multiple items when selling iPhones. Especially, the customers have to face big problems due to lack of charging adapter with the iPhone. From the iPhone 12 series, Apple stopped distributing the charger box with the phone. Recently, the Brazilian government opposed such a decision of Apple.

The Brazilian government has given a stern warning to this technology company of the United States. The country's administration last Tuesday ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones without battery chargers. Not only that, the Ministry of Justice of Brazil fined Apple 12.275 million reals.

In addition, the Brazilian government ordered to cancel the sale of iPhone 12 and new iPhone models. The country says that any iPhone model that does not come with a charger cannot be sold in the country.

The Brazilian government claims the company is providing consumers with an incomplete product. Many claim that Apple has taken such steps to increase business. Although Apple claims, they have taken this decision to reduce environmental pollution and build a green environment.

According to the Brazilian government, Apple is deliberately discriminating against consumers. The country's ministry also rejected Apple's argument for reducing carbon emissions.

The Brazilian government has said that the sale of smartphones without chargers has nothing to do with environmental protection. Brazil made such a decision just before the iPhone 14 series was released.

In a response, Apple said it will appeal the decision. The company says, 'We have already won several courts in Brazil on the matter and our consumers are aware of different charging alternatives.'

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