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Samsung new invention will make the mouse run away if it works too much


Samsung's mouse

Samsung's new invention will make the mouse run away if it works too much

South Korean smartphone maker Samsung doesn't want employees to overwork. This company has invented a strange gadget to create balance in their work life. Samsung is bringing a new computer mouse to the market. It looks like a normal mouse but has some special features.

Basically, Samsung has made this invention to control the increasing amount of people's work pressure in Korea. They published this mouse video on the YouTube channel in joint venture with an advertising company.

In this video, Samsung stated that most employees cannot leave work on time. There is always a lot of pressure to complete the unfinished work before leaving the office. Sometimes they have to do extra work too. This mouse is designed with that in mind.

This mouse has a special sensor. Which detects that user's hand movement? If the employee touches the mouse for extra work after working for a certain period of time, its sensor will detect it immediately. Touch the mouse and it will run away.

Even if you catch it, you won't be able to control it for long. Once the sensor is detected, this mouse will emit a blue and pink light, and you will be running around the table, because it will sense that your fingers are near it. The sole purpose of this mouse is to create a balance between work and life.

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