Apple released iOS 15.7 for older iPhones

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Apple released iOS 15.7 for older iPhones

The most important upgrade is iOS 16. It has full-featured lock screen, iMessage edit and delete facility. Its 'passkeys' feature will free the user from the trouble of remembering passwords.

Although OS 16 is the most talked about operating system, many people still want to use the older version. In such a situation, Apple has brought iOS 15.7 version for older devices.

Apple has launched several later versions of the operating system, including watch OS 9, TvOS 16 and iOS 16. And iOS 15.7, iPadOS 15.7 and macOS Monterey 12.6 versions have arrived in older operating systems.

Tech site Ars Technica says iOS 16 is the most important of the three upgrades. It has a completely redesigned lock screen, new iMessage editing, message deletion facility. It also has a security feature called' passkeys', which will save the user from the hassle of remembering passwords.

While users are waiting for iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura, both the iPad and macOS updates have added various security-related patches to the new version of this update to the old version.

One of the two reasons for bringing iOS 15.7 is to find a way to keep older iPhones running without the iOS 16 security update. These include the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 series, as well as the original iPhone SE. Another reason is to update the security features on the devices of customers who are not willing to upgrade to iOS 16.

Apple adopted the same strategy while bringing iOS 15. The company brought iOS 14.8 for users who were hesitant to use the operating system.

The transition from iOS 15 to iOS 16 is likely to be similar, Ars Technica reported. However, its implementation may be problematic due to two potential barriers.

One of them is iOS 16's new feature Rapid Security Response, which will allow only small security issues to be fixed without a full new iOS update. It is not yet certain whether all these updates will finally arrive in iOS 15.

And the second is that when upgrading from iOS 14 to 15, all the models that were running iOS 14 were upgraded, but when going from version 15 to 16, Apple left out two older versions.

Apple hasn't said anything about what kind of upgrade will happen to those two older versions.

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