Why do you eat guava every day

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Why do you eat guava every day?


Guava carries numerous salutary fiber. There are important vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, magnesium. Guava additionally carries numerous nutrition and vitamin C. Guava additionally protects towards several styles of infections. Still, in case you need to consume guava, you furthermore might want robust tooth. Several human beings additionally brush their teeth with guava leaves. The shape of the tooth is good; the tooth is candescent.


1. Guava contains a lot of fiber. Therefore, guava also helps keep the stomach clean.


2. Guava has numerous antibacterial drug properties. That protects us from infection. Guava additionally protects against dentalgia and swollen gums.


3. Eat guava each day for top blood pressure. There'll even be heart issues if you'll be able to eat guava.


4. Guava is high in vitamin C, that will increase the body resistance to disease. Ascorbic acid and polyphenols conjointly act as antioxidants.


5. Guava conjointly plays a job to keep skin and hair healthy. Uptake guava a day also reduces the danger of carcinoma.

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