21 killed in Texas school shooting

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Texas school

21 killed in Texas school shooting


At least 21 people have been killed in a gun attack on a school in Texas. 18 of them are children. The incident took place at an elementary school in the Uvalde area on the Mexican border on Tuesday, May 24. Although gun attacks are regularly in the United States, it is the deadliest school attack in the country in the last 10 years. News AFP.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott told a news conference that an 18-year-old boy is thought to have first shot his grandmother at Rob Elementary School and entered with a handgun. He most likely had a weapon with him at that point.


The lead representative said the suspect was distinguished as Salvador Ramos. He is a U.S. citizen and a local resident. The assailant was probably killed in the firing by security officials.


Texas Representative Roland Gutierrez let CNN know that three grown-ups were additionally killed in the assault. In any case, it isn't sure if the aggressor was among the three. Video footage shows police taking small children out of school. These youngsters are believed to be somewhere in the range of seven and 10 years old.


It is the deadliest assault in the US starting around 2012. That year, 20 kids and six officials were killed in a firearm assault at Sandy Snare Primary School in Connecticut.


The White House, meanwhile, has ordered that the US national flag be hoisted at half-mast until May 28 in the wake of the deadly attack on Rob Elementary School. US President Joe Biden has called for tougher gun control laws so that such incidents do not happen again.

As a country, we need to ask, when will we face the firearm campaign? He asked at a briefing. When will we do what we need? Why do we want to live in such a massacre?


"I am suffering," he said. We have to take action. Don't say that we can't influence such killings. Although there have been regular gun attacks and fatalities in the United States, gun control laws have not yet been tightened. Although the US Congress has taken several initiatives in this regard, they have ultimately failed.


An 18-year-old boy killed 10 people in a random shooting at a grocery store in New York on May 14. Declaring himself a white supremacist, he invaded African-American territory.


A day later, a gunman opened fire indiscriminately on a church door in California. One was killed and five were harmed.


According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 19,350-gun attacks in the country in 2020, 35 percent more than in 2019.


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