Heavy rains kill 8 in Brazil's Floods

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Heavy rains kill 8 in Brazil's Floods


Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at least eight people, including children. As a result, 13 people are still missing, according to government officials.


Heavy rains have continued in the Brazilian province for the past two days, Reuters reported. There has been a sudden flood. One mother and five children were killed in a landslide in the Ponta Negra area, provincial officials said. The surviving child was taken to hospital alive.


Congressman Marcelo Frexo said two more people were killed in landslides in Mesta and Angra dos Reis. He said at least 13 people were missing in the landslide.


Another 4-year-old child has died in a landslide in another tourist town, Angra DOS Reis. On the other hand, one person (38) died after getting electrocuted in Mesta city. Heavy rains flooded the city's roads, disrupting traffic. Landslides occur due to the storm. Many people have been killed in landslides in Brazil during the rainy season.


The province of Rio de Janeiro has been getting heavy rains for the beyond two days. Because of weighty tempests around evening time, flowing floods happen. Accordingly, numerous private vehicles were cleared away in the solid flows. Avalanches in precipitous regions cause such misfortunes consistently.


Brazil's central government says troops have been deployed in the disaster-stricken area. The search for the missing continues.


At least 28 people were killed in a similar situation in southeastern Brazil in January. And last December, 24 people died. Experts say that such a situation is being created due to alarming climate change.

According to the Angra Meteorological Office, 855 mm of rainfall has been recorded in the last 24 hours. Meteorologists say the city never has so much rain before. The rainy season started in Brazil last October. Since then, the country has been going through various major natural disasters.


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