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                                                  Google Chrome's new logo

Interestingly, starting around 2014, Google Chrome has changed its logo. In any case, the difference in the logo is inconspicuous to such an extent that it can't be seen without focusing. Elvin Hu, the logo originator of Google Chrome, reported the difference in Google Chrome logo in a tweet on Sunday.

Assuming you notice the 3 tones in the Google Chrome logo and the blue circle in the center is currently more brilliant than previously. Additionally, the shadow impact that was utilized in the past logo has been taken out in the new logo.

Google, one of the world's tech goliaths, presented the Web program Chrome in 2008. From that point forward, the logo plan and key elements have stayed unaltered. Albeit a few changes occurred in 2011 and 2014, the first structure continued as before.

Elvin Hu tweeted, "We've eliminated the shadow from the brand symbol and made the three tones in the symbol more brilliant, so it matches Google's complex articulation."

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