Russia any time could launch attacks on Ukraine

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         Russia any time could launch attacks on Ukraine, US intelligence claims


The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has said that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine on Wednesday morning. Russia, however, has called the threat of an attack "propaganda" by the United States and the United Kingdom.


Germany's Der Spiegel newspaper published this information on Saturday. On the other hand, quoting Der Spiegel, the British media 'Metro' has published the news about the date of the possible Russian attack on Ukraine.

According to German media Der Spiegel, both the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and military sources have warned members of the NATO alliance about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine. Russia is expected to launch an attack on Ukraine in the early hours of Wednesday.

Russia has increased its stockpile of troops and weapons along the Ukrainian border. Russia deployed hundreds of thousands of troops in late December. Later it was further extended.

Der Spiegel also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin could give the green signal to the troops within the next five days. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a detailed decision on the attack on Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, meanwhile, said top US and UK officials, as well as the US media, were involved in the fighting. Because Russia will not get involved in any conflict. 

Source: BBC NEWS

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