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The Woman advertised to auction off her husband


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The woman advertised to auction off her husband


We know about the advertising of different objects or things. These advertisements are often seen in various media, including newspapers. But have you ever seen a woman advertising her husband for auction? Yes, that's what happened in New Zealand.

The ad was made by Linda McAllister, a woman from Ireland who lives in New Zealand. After a while, it caused a stir in the net world.

It is learned that Linda placed such an advertisement on an auction website rather than auctioning her husband like a peddler. In it, she has given all the information about her husband's height, skin color, what he does, how old he is, on that website. He also wrote, “Sales are final. However, it cannot be changed or refunded in any way. ”

What is the reason for giving such advertisement? The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. The woman's name is Linda McAllister. Resident of Ireland. She alleges that her husband, John McAllister, left his wife and two children at home and went on vacation alone. There is joy and merriment.

Within a few hours after the advertisement for husband auction was published, 12 customers also joined. The price rose to 100 US dollars. John received word from friends that he would be auctioned off.

However, the auction website removed the ad. James Ryan, the website's policy and compliance manager, said: "This is the first time I've seen an ad for a woman to auction off her husband."

Source : Independent UK, Yahoo News

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