New rules are coming to YouTube

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                                           New rules are coming to YouTube


The video streaming medium YouTube is changing. From now on, the number of 'dislikes' or dislikes will not be seen on YouTube. Under the new rules, viewers can 'dislike' a video. But only the creator of that video can know how many people 'disliked'. The main purpose of the new rules is to protect video content creators from being trolled.

Millions of videos are circulating on YouTube. The viewer’s give 'likes' to whatever they like. Again, the option of 'Dislike' is also open in the disliked video. However, in the virtual world, 'troll forces' have been formed in every country to simultaneously 'dislike' the content of dislike. YouTube claims that independent content creators are being harmed. This is why the rules change.

A section of people who study the dynamics of social media claim that the 'Dislike' button on YouTube is being considered as one of the means to raise objections these days. The new move is aimed at tackling the trend of systematically disliking.

According to YouTube authorities, the 'Dislike' button will remain the same as before. Just how many people are ‘disliking’, viewers will not know. Only the creator of the video can see it himself.

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