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There are many Disadvantages to wearing High Heels


advantages of wearing high heels

           There are many disadvantages to wearing high heels


Many women wear high heels or high heel shoes to make they look a little taller and more attractive. But there are health effects for women wearing high heels. It has a lot of harmful aspects, which many people do not know.


Muscle balance can be disturbed

According to a recent research report, wearing high heel shoes can cause women to lose balance near the ankle muscles. This can lead to instability and imbalance in the body.


Pain from the spine to the feet

Wearing high heels puts extra pressure on the area between the spine and the buttocks, i.e. the pelvis. This causes pain in the muscles of the spine, pelvis and legs and at some point it becomes permanent.


Damages the muscles

When you wear high heel shoes, your feet are always higher than usual. In addition to that, due to constant pressure, muscle pain such as sciatica and other complications occur.


There is a great deal of damage to the bones

Prolonged wear of high heels makes the bones of the feet fragile. Bones can crack, and sometimes even break.


There is severe damage to the knee

Wearing high heel shoes regularly puts pressure on the knees. Studies have shown that wearing sandals with heels just five centimeters higher than normal increases the pressure on the knees by at least 23 percent. This can lead to osteoarthritis or bone loss. Women are more than twice as likely to be infected than men.



If you want to wear high heels, do not wear too narrow heels. Wear shoes with slightly wide heels to help maintain balance.

Do not wear high heels continuously. Can be worn two to three days a week.

Don’t sit all the time after high heels. Keep shoes off while sitting or at work.

Do light leg exercises when you have time.

Make sure that the height of the heel does not exceed 4 cm.

Use a soft insole inside the shoe; this will reduce the pressure on the knee.

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