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Locusts on the food list of the European Union


locust swarm

Locusts on the food list of the European Union


Insects are officially on the food list of people in the European Union. These include beetle larvae, locusts, and crickets. This time, the city of Brussels in Belgium included locusts in the food list. A recent Reuters report revealed this information.


In June of this year, the government of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, announced that the dried yellow larvae of the beetle Tenebrio molitor were fit for human consumption. According to the European Commission, the locusts can be sold in the market as a food ingredient or as a snack. In this case, the wings or wings of the insects have to be cut and sold in the market like dried powder or frozen. But this time a packet of insect snacks is coming to the European market.


According to the European Food Safety Authority, adult locusts are a very high protein food. However, according to them, many people may have allergies to adult locusts. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, such insects are very nutritious for human consumption. This type of food is high in protein-vitamin-fiber-fat.

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