Excessive Makeup Poses Health Risks

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Excessive makeup, poses health risks


Health risks are increasing day by day due to extra makeup. Not only health risks, but daily extra makeup can also cause diseases like kidney damage in the body. And it works in our body as a silent killer.

There are so many types of makeup kits on the market today that it's hard to ignore them. The reason is very simple. And these products give that assurance in their advertisement. If you use these, from eyes to lips - everything will look so beautiful that no one will be able to take your eyes off you. That's why we stumble to buy those cosmetics to enhance beauty as promised. But we don't even know how many diseases are lodged in our body because of this. Let's find out about those unknown disorders that are quietly nesting.

Cancer: Some lip balms, lipsticks and sunscreens contain a toxic chemical called benzophenone. Which shields the skin from the sun's bright beams. However, in reality, the chemical is one of the leading causes of cancer-causing diseases, researchers claim.

Infertility: Multiple lipsticks, sunscreens and foundations contain chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalances in the body.

Kidney damage: A Chemical called cadmium is used in multiple makeup products. If it enters the body in any way, it causes severe damage to the kidneys. In some cases, this element can cause danger like kidney damage.

Dizziness: Nail polish, hair dye, etc. contain a toxic chemical called toluene, which can cause problems like dizziness, even chronic headaches.

Bone disease: If this chemical called cadmium penetrates the skin and reaches the bones, it can cause various types of complex bone diseases.

Hormonal damage: Girls, who wear extra makeup, lose hormonal balance in their body and various diseases start to take root. 

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