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Rainbow Island


rainbow island iran

Rainbow Island, The soil of this island is used as a spice in cooking


Ever heard of soil being used as a cooking spice? Incredibly, there is an island in the world whose soil is used for cooking. Let's find out where the island is, why or why the soil is used as a spice.

The Persian Gulf Island is in Iran. It is known as the Island of Hormuz. However, it is better known as 'Rainbow Island' for its many qualities. The Iranian island is rarely heard of at this time. At one time, however, the island played an important role in the maritime trade of Asia and Europe. The importance of Hormuz diminishes as other avenues open for Asia-Europe trade. However, in recent times, the unique nature and its diverse soil have increased the importance of the island to tourists.

According to a BBC report, the island is extremely mineral rich. That is why the island is also called 'Disneyland' by geologists. Tourists visiting here are advised to try the soil of the island once. The island is very colorful due to its rich mineral content. That's why the rainbow is associated with it. There are 70 types of minerals. Local guides claim that the 42-square-kilometer island has a different story per inch of space. Millions of years ago, ocean water caused a thick layer of salt to fall on the island's soil. In response to the salt of the volcanic lava with that salt, various colors are seen in its soil. The reddish color of the island's soil is due to the addition of excess iron oxide called hematite, which is also known as 'Gila'. This soil is used in industry. Besides, the locals use it as a spice in cooking. They use this soil as a spice with bread. That bread is called ‘tomshi’ in the local language.

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