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Tablets can halve the risk of COVID-19


molnupiravir tablet

                        Tablets can halve the risk of COVID-19

Scientists in the United States have claimed that an experimental oral medication to prevent corona has had good results. Clinical trials say it could halve the risk of hospitalization or death. News BBC.

This tablet named Molnupiravir is the first pill recommended for Corona. This antiviral pill should be taken by the patient twice a day.

U.S. drugmaker Mark says test results are so positive that outside observers are calling for the trial to be closed soon.

The manufacturer said it would apply to the U.S. authorities within a week or two for permission for emergency use.

President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser. Anthony Fawcett called it "very good news." But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has called for caution until the FDA reviews the data.

If regulatory authorities allow, Molnupiravir is going to be the first oral antiviral drug for corona.

This bill was originally made for the treatment of influenza. It is designed in such a way that the virus enters the genetic code and becomes aware of the error, preventing the error from spreading to the body.

Positive results have been obtained using the drug in the body of 775 patients. However, although the information was published in the form of a press release, it has not been peer-reviewed yet.

Most covid vaccines are made by targeting spike proteins on the outside of the virus. There, the pill attacks the enzyme that the virus uses to replicate itself.

The drug-maker Mark is known in the UK as MSD. They say they will try to make Molnupiravir work in the same way as the new type of corona that has been changed in the future.

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