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how to hide chat in whatsapp with password

                Important tips for WhatsApp

The number of WhatsApp users is increasing. Voice calls can now be made through the instant messaging platform. 144 million people are using this app owned by Facebook. So you need to have knowledge about its use.

             Here are 10 great tips from WhatsApp.

1. If you change the smartphone, you can take the chatting history of the previous phone to the new phone. If you use a MicroSD card, move it to the chat history card. To do this, go to Menu> Settings> Chat settings> Complete the backup conversation process. Insert this card on the new phone and restore.

2. If you don't want to let others know when you last were on WhatsApp, go to Settings. From there, go to your Account Privacy and turn it off.

3. To see when the last message you sent was viewed, see if the chat window turns blue. If it is blue, you will understand.

4. WhatsApp cannot be locked without jail-breaking in iOS operating. However, you can lock the chat through pin code on Android. For this you can use Messenger and Chat, Blocks, App Lock or Smart App lock apps.

5. If you have a Chrome browser on your computer, you can use it by going to WhatsApp Web. For this, go to the snare of the application from the program and sweep the QR code from the menu. You can chat about it just like mobile.

6. WhatsApp's clients probably shouldn't see every one of the photos in the exhibition. To turn it off, go to Settings> Privacy> Photos. Turn off WhatsApp from there.

7. Some group conversations became very painful. If you are using an iPhone, go to group chap option and go to group info screen. Tap the mute button there. Open Chat on Android and press Mute. There, you can uncheck the show notification.

8. The best way to get back deleted messages is to delete WhatsApp and reinstall it. At this time you will be asked whether you will restore the message or not. Once deleted, you will get back the deleted message.

9. You can only create shortcuts for daily chats on Android. Hold down the question button in the chat. Then select the Ad Conversation shortcut.

10. You can send large messages to anyone in person. You will be able to take private messages from the New Broadcast option from the Android menu. And tap Broadcast Lists on the Chats screen in iOS. Then, at that point, tap the new rundown and select the one you need to send.


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