Fake Information on Facebook Increases People's Participation

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       Fake information on Facebook increases people's                                              participation

Fake information or news is usually delicious. People also pay more attention. The same is true of Facebook. A recent study by two universities in New York and France found similar evidence. Studies have shown that people are six times more likely to like, share or interact with fake news than with real news.

According to the Washington Post, a study of the Facebook pages of more than 2,500 news publishers from August 2020 to January 2021 found that fake information was spreading at a much faster rate than political or other categories of news.

According to Business Insider, Rebecca Tromball, director of the Institute of Data, Democracy and Politics at George Washington University, analysed the data from the study. It can attract the audience quite well.

Meanwhile, Jo Osborne, a spokesman for Facebook, said the report shows how people engage with content. However, it would not be right to be confused in this way, people are actually looking at things like research statements. In other words, it is not true that the issues are exactly the same as in the case of this study.


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