Bananas as opposed to sleeping pills

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                Bananas as opposed to sleeping pills


Maybe you suffer from insomnia. Lying in bed at night from side to side, it becomes dawn! Can't make two eyelids one? He slept all day and made a big noise of fatigue.

Due to working in different shifts, your night's sleep can be disrupted in this way. The mood becomes irritable. For a while, you have to rely on sleeping pills.

If you really have a problem with sleep at night, buy fresh bananas at home with that money instead of buying a bunch of sleeping pills. That will work. However, just eating banana  will not work. You have to make 'Banana Tea' with a little effort.

How it works: Bananas, especially banana peels, also contain magnesium and potassium. Magnesium eliminates sleep disturbances. Adding potassium to it, keeps you relaxed.

There is a condition: you don't have to buy any banana. Try to buy 100 percent organic bananas. Inorganic bananas contain a lot of pesticides. Organic bananas are not uncommon in the market. Artificial carbide bananas should also be avoided. Especially to make banana tea, those who want to give the banana peel for better work with banana, they have to buy organic banana.

How to make: Making tea is not difficult. Anyone can make it. You will find all the materials you need for this in your kitchen. If you have everything at hand, this tea will be made in 10 minutes. You need to drink it like tea before going to bed.

Ingredients: A pot of drinking water, an organic banana, a pinch of cinnamon powder. Cut off both ends of the collar. Now cut the banana into pieces and boil for 10 minutes with water kept in a pot. Leave it for a while and strain the water. Take a cup of tea and mix a pinch of cinnamon powder in it and eat it hot and go to bed.

Boiled ones can also eat banana pieces mixed with cinnamon powder. It will work better. It is better not to waste unnecessarily. You will feel relax while sleeping.

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