Advantages and Disadvantages of Bathing in Cold Water

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Advantages and disadvantages of bathing in Cold and Hot water

In the culture of the subcontinent, especially in Ayurveda scriptures, bathing in cold water is preferred over hot water. It is said that the advantages are more prominent. Again, many say that bathing in hot water gives good results, especially in winter. Thus, there are contradictory views on bathing in cold water. The advantages and disadvantages of bathing in cold water are discussed below -

Benefits of bathing in hot water increase blood circulation to the body, it will lower the risk of hypertension, it is good for the ski, it helps to relieve symptoms of colds or flu. Due to its positive role in blood circulation, only the heart, due to which blood flows easily to every part of the body through arteries. As a result, blood pressure decreases and blood flow to the blocked arteries increases. Above all, it enhances immunity. 

Disadvantages of bathing in hot water, high water temperature can damage the skin it can cause burns and redness, and the heat from the water remove the natural moisture of the skin that may lead to serious skin problem.

Cold water lowers body temperature and prevents heat. Cold water removes dirt from the skin and scalp. Which opens the pores of the skin. Cold water makes hair stronger, stronger and brighter. It also protects the skin from sunburn and burns. Cold water not only cleanses the outside of the body and skin, it also cleanses the muscles from the inside. As a result, the body is free of toxins.

Disadvantages of bathing in cold water, There are not many disadvantages of bathing in cold water. However, it is better for women not to take a bath in cold water during menstruation. Muscles need relaxation at this time, but cold water makes the muscles contract. Even then, if cold water seems to be the cause of your physical problems, consult a doctor.


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